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Yes, we do offer a free forever plan.



per month

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per month

Get started
  • Up to 500,000 contacts
  • *Unlimited email/sms
  • Access to our optional add-ons
  • 60,000 email validation credit
  • 30 IP/Domain blacklist monitoring
  • 300 blacklist API credit
  • Dedicated support channel
  • 5 hours of deliverability consulting
  • Access to logs and audit trails
  • See the full list of features

If you need more

Optional monthly add-ons

Pre-warmed IPs

From $65 per IP per month

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Email delivery (SMTP)

As low as $0.07 per 1000 emails

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Email validation

As low as $0.001 per email

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Email template builder

As low as $0.40 per email template

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Blacklist monitoring

As low as $0.60 per monitoring

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Blacklist API check

As low as $0.015 per API call

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The never-ending list

All our plans come with these features


Customisable dashboard
Private / Whitelabeling You also get discounted pricing for reselling our services.
Design and spam testing
Multiple marketing tools
Unlimited surveys
Automatic blacklist management
Comprehensive documented API
Email header customisation
Two-factor authentication

Contact management

Your own opt-in/opt-out terms
List management tools
Subscriber segment builder
Customer relationship (CRM)
Advanced segmentation
Customisable signup forms
7 days subscriber activity profiler

Integrations and support

Live contacts database sync
Multiple integrations
2-factor authentication
Opportunistic TLS
Dedicated account manager
Multi-user access
GDPR compliance
Email support
Phone and live chat support
Service level agreement

Deliverability & reliability

7+ SMTP providers
16+ delivery provider APIs
ISP-specific warm-up
Bounce handling
Spam complaints management
100% deliverability
System & service API
High reputation shared IPs

Marketing campaigns

Email campaigns
SMS campaigns
Email & SMS personalisation
Email template gallery
Advanced templating language
No daily sending limits
No Spotzee branding
Landing page builder
A/B testing
Send time optimisation
Open/click webhooks

Marketing automation

Unlimited autoresponders
Conditional segment builder
Workflow editor
Marketing automation
RSS-feed trigger
Dynamic content builder
Recurring campaign builder
Transactional reply tracking

Comprehensive reporting

Real-time reporting analytics
Unsubscribe tracking
Custom tagging
Delivery log rentention
Delivery and bounce stats
Geography & device reporting
Advanced open & click stats
24-hour performance indicator

The most

Frequently asked questions

Questions on the side are not a comprehensive list. So if you still have a question, please contact us via live chat or email; we will try to answer as soon as possible.

Ask a question

It comes with a 1,000 contacts allowance and the ability to send unlimited emails/SMS. It also comes with the following free credit

[1] email template builder
[1] blacklist monitoring
[100] email validation
[10] blacklist API

You can always purchase more credit through our paid monthly add-ons and use them without paying for the above-price plans.

Yes, all our price plans and add-ons are charged on a monthly-basis. We do not have any contracts, so you can cancel it anytime you like through your account subscription page.

A contact or a subscriber is a single person you have added to your Spotzee account.

Yes absolutely. We built Spotzee as a one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs. So, for example, if you only need our email validation tool to clean up your mailing list, you can sign up for a free account and purchase just an email validation credit. The ‘contacts’ restriction only applies to using our marketing software - not to the tools we provide, like blacklist monitoring, spam testing, etc.

No. The contacts plan package allows you to use our marketing software and tools. The credit allocation of each tool varies from plan to plan but generally speaking, the higher the plan, the higher the credit it comes with.

But in saying that, the tools we supply are add-ons to make our platform highly flexible. This means you can have a free account that allows you to have 1,000 contacts but still be able to upload your 100,000 contacts to use our email validation tool.

Yes, you do have to pay for what you use. If you don’t want to use our marketing software, you can pay only for the tools you like and use that tool’s functionality (Eg. Spotzee blacklist monitoring). You can buy an add-on that suits your requirements and pay for that.

We chose this model to give users the flexibility to purchase only the tools they want and not get charged a significant amount for the tools they would never use.

No. The contacts-based plans only apply if you want to use our all-in-one marketing software. You DO NOT need the above paid plans if you need a single or couple of tools (Eg. Drag-and-drop email builder, Blacklist monitoring, Email validation). Sign up for a free account and purchase add-on credit to start using the tools of your choice.

We offer a flat 15% discount to selective non-profits each year. Please email us proof of your non-profit status and account details for this discount.