A list of SMTP and IMAP servers of popular ISPs

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Email Marketing

Easy-to-use software with robust email automation features for today’s fast-growing businesses. We have helped send millions of emails and helped 1000s of businesses grow their revenue. We make it simple for businesses of all sizes to get started. It’s really is as simple as signing up for an account, creating your campaign and sending it through.

SMS Marketing

Connect your SMS providers with our simple SMS software to start blasting highly targeted messages. Transform customer interactions with fast, secure, personalised messaging. 100% reach and 98% open rate with unmatched conversion and retention, it’s a must-have tool for any good marketer. Keep your customers in the loop with what’s happening in your business.

Push Notifications

Send engaging messages through Desktop and Mobile browsers. Wrote a new blog post? Let your readers know on their mobile or web browser. Are you running a Shopify store? Send a reminder if someone abandons their cart. Have you released a new exciting feature? Let your users know about it. Automate messages to appear to user users and gain new followers and more.

Bulk Email Delivery Service

We help you set up and configure a highly reputable and reliable bulk SMTP service. With years of experience, we’ve done it hundreds of times, and we get many things right. Some things we look into include email traffic flow, IP reputation monitoring, email authentication, high-speed email delivery, automatic IP warmup, blacklist monitoring and more.


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