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We take this seriously

What we do and what to expect

Acceptable use

Our acceptable use policy highlights what is okay and what is not. It shows rules and how you can engage with your subscribers.

Antispam policy

Spam means unsolicited email. Unsolicited means that the recipient has not given you direct permission to contact them.

List data privacy policy

We consider your email data as highly sensitive information that you trust us with. For this reason, we take great care in protecting it.

Privacy policy

We designed this to protect our customers. We take privacy seriously and we never sell any of your data. We keep it safe.

Terms and conditions

All the legal stuff which you hate to read but helpful to know. We like to be transparent and let you know everything that is going on.

Terms of service

This shows you aspects of what we do, what we use, how we use it to serve you as our customer. All the legal stuff which may bore you.

Prohibited content

Our prohibited content policy highlights what we do not allow to maintain delivery of high quality services in our industry.