A list of SMTP and IMAP servers of popular ISPs

Email validation to validate emails and eliminate bounces

Email Marketing is known to be one of the best direct marketing methods out there. It will get the results you are looking for whether you are trying to promote a new feature or wanting to attract potential customers. But as an email marketing provider, we realised there are a lot of customers who …

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The importance of email list hygiene

It is not easy to understand the importance of email verifier and other techniques for email hygiene. For the inexperienced marketer, it is common to think that having a long list of emails is all that matters, as it would mean more people would be reached. For an expert in email marketing, on the …

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3 free email templates to boost your B2B sales

For B2B marketers, life is not smooth because the world is against you! The world is against your business practices and not against you. The B2B industry has considered email marketing as potential means of communication because of which in the past it took 2-3 weeks to track down a single email …

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