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List data privacy policy

LAST UPDATED: 12-07-2023

We consider your email data as highly sensitive information that you trust us with. For this reason, we take great care in handling and keeping this data secure and private. We are backed up by Jonah and Associates which has been around in the email industry for well over 15 years.

We have handled 1000’s of customers and millions of email addresses securely in our infrastructure. We have built Spotzee Email Validation using industry best practices. Spotzee Email Verifier App (EV App) will never sell or share the email addresses you verify using our system.

As a part of our commitment to your security and privacy, we feel it’s important to share the measures EV App takes to ensure your email data remains protected.

How we protect your uploaded email data?

When you upload or import a list of email addresses to EV App for processing, we take the following measures to secure your data:

  • List data is transmitted over 256-bit SSL, the same protocol used by financial firms to ensure secure data transmission.
  • Your data is then stored, encrypted, in Amazon’s AWS S3 service. After your list has been processed, the results are also uploaded, encrypted, to Amazon S3. This data is stored under a private policy, and can only be accessed by someone with access to your account and certain EVApp staff members.
  • Your list data will be automatically deleted after 90-days. At this time, neither you nor the EVApp staff will have access to any list data, so it’s important to make sure you’ve downloaded your results before this time. You may also delete your results any time before the 90-days as an added precaution.

How we protect your email data via API?

Email addresses verified using the EVApp API are protected during transmission using 256-bit SSL. EVApp may cache the email address results for a time but does so using an irreversible cryptographic hash of the email address from which the original verified address cannot be derived.

All email data passed to our API servers are deleted as soon as the request is fulfilled. In other words, we do not store any email addresses you pass through API for any period of time (except those we cache).

Exclusions to data retention policy

EV App may log data related to unexpected errors, which may include email address data, in order to identify and diagnose any issues with our system. This data is typically disposed of within 7 days and remains protected using best practices in the interim. It is taken off the access to the public so no publicly available methods could be used to retrieve this data.

Further privacy practices are outlined in our privacy policy.