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At Spotzee, our automation is a highly scalable solution that grows with your business. It is easy to use for setting up powerful automated marketing campaigns. You can quite literally build hundred’s of scenarios from integrating all the applications you already use. We do much more than cart abandoners, successful purchase emails, and website visitor emails. Set the rules through simple drag and drop and watch our system grow your customer base.

Automate your marketing with

Our powerful set of tools

❗ SPTZ Conditions

Setting up conditions is easy with Spotzee. They form the foundation of automation. We have many conditions available for use including scoring, subscribe, message opens, message clicks, tag value, purchase history, cart abandonment, and more.

🔌 SPTZ Actions

Configuring Actions allows our software to perform certain specified actions based on the conditions you have used. These actions include sending emails, scoring, tagging, moving subscribers, copying subscribers to other lists, waiting, and more.

➿ SPTZ Filters

Use of filters is easy with Spotzee. They allow you to fine tune subscriber section that you want the system to perform actions on. We have a number of filters available including range, amount, dynamic segmentation, and more.

💰 Completed purchases

If you are an online retailer, you can setup an automation strategy that works to convince customers who abandoned their carts to finalise sale. You can setup the logic as to what happens when they click on a link and much more.

👫 Keep old customers

Your aim is to increase revenue by capturing your existing customers to purchase more from your online store. You can set up follow-up campaigns, offer discounted products before their order ships out, and much more using our system.

🌀 Lead nurturing

Let’s say you have a sales team, email marketing automation is the best way to target customers that show signs of interest. Automate lead assignments to your sales rep and design automated email series to increase revenue.

Attract the

Right customers

Bringing in the right customers is crucial for business success. Businesses need to educate them about their products and services in order to turn their leads into their customers. Spotzee helps you find the right customers by engaging the right strategies for use. We help you create landing pages, track their web behavior, personalise campaigns for different scenarios, use social media data and more.

Increase revenue by

Focusing on sales

A lot of businesses have lost their focus on sales. Businesses can increase revenue by focusing their sales on the hottest prospects. With the use of our marketing automation, you can quickly identify the most valuable customers to close the deal with. With our wide range of integration partners, you can harness data from other platforms and use them to increase your bottom line.

Measure and Optimise

Your marketing

Email marketing is no longer about how many opens or clicks you got from each of your campaigns. It goes much beyond that with our marketing automation tools. The system allows you to determine how each of your marketing programs and channels is impacting your revenue. You can co-ordinate with your team to achieve for better results. Create ad hoc reports and define your company’s funnel to measure how customers flow through.

Drive engagement by automating your marketing?

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Seamlessly streamline repetitive tasks, nurture leads, and enhance customer engagement. Craft personalized journeys with ease, delivering the right message at the right time.

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