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To validate your mailing list, we have restrictions on the formats we accept. It must be either in TXT or CSV file. Customers ask us time to time on how to export their data file into a CSV file. It’s quite simple and can be done using most popular services online (Google Sheets) or using most used editing programs (Microsoft Excel). NOTE: Even if you have a file in CSV format, please re-save it using the steps highlighted below. This will ensure the compatibility is exactly how our system would recognize it. Also renaming your data file will not make it a CSV file.

In this article, we will assume you have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer.

1) Open your file in Excel, go to File > Save as to see the “Save As” dialog box.
2) Select “Comma Separated (.csv)” from the Format drop-down menu and hit the save button.
3 Usually a warning would appear as Excel attempts to save you file. Just hit “Continue” and it should save it.

Following this simple procedure before you upload your CSV file will help us verify your list and give it back to you in time.

Simply visit the signup page. Once you sign up, you need to verify your email address. The reason we ask you to do this prior to using your account is because this is the ONLY MEANS OF COMMUNICATION. This is the only way we can get hold of you if we want to assist you in some way or talk to you about your validation job.

Once verified, you should be able to login with the email address and password you have chosen during the sign up. From here, you can launch new email validation jobs, check your usage, purchase subscription plans, top up for single jobs, and much more. If you are having issues signing up, please let us know. One of our friendly staff would happily guide you through the process.

This is probably the most and only reason why you might have signed up with us. You have a mailing list that needs to be validated but you are unsure how to upload this to get it scrubbed. This answer would help you do just that. Assuming you have already signed up for an account and you have enough credit, please login to our control panel.

- Click on ‘Verify’ from the left hand menu.
- You will see our four step process and its meant to be as seamless as possible.
- Drag your email validation file to the blue box or alternatively click on ‘SELECT FILES’ option and choose the file you would like us to verify. It must be either a CSV or a TXT file. Once you have got the files showing up in the blue box, click on ‘Upload files’ to proceed.
- You can now select the ‘ADDITIONAL OPTIONS’ on how you would like your list to be verified and validated. Once you select the options, click on the ‘Next’ button to proceed.
- The third step in the process displays the COST. We try to be very transparent about pricing so we make sure you understand how much you are getting charged for this specific job. This job we are uploading as a demo is costing us $0.028 cents. Pretty darn cheap, isn’t it? Once you have understood the pricing for your job, hit ‘PROCEED’ button.
- You should now be returned to your dashboard with a success message saying that your files are now being processed. Congratulations on uploading your first email validation job.

Pretty easy, wasn’t it?

Assuming that you have already launched your list scrubbing job, its time to check whether its complete.

1) Login to your account by clicking on the login button of our website
2) You should land straight on the ‘DASHBOARD’. This gives you an overview of all the jobs you have launched with us.
3) From here, you can CHECK THE PROGRESS of your email validation job. Currently we only have two status (Pending & Completed) to keep things simple. If it has been processing for a long time, please check your email inbox. Its most likely that there is something wrong with the file you submitted or maybe we have some questions to clarify before verifying.

Do note that what we do is not a walk in the park, its a highly complex list scrubbing process working to validate the email addresses you provide. Although we do it at an astounding speed, there are various factors which could slow us down. You can check the article on how long it takes to validate your mailing list for more information.

Additional options give you further flexibility in launching jobs with us. It allows you to customize how you would like your list to be validated. For example, some customers don’t want us to remove duplicate emails. Is that possible? It sure is! We help you customize by presenting you with a list of options to choose from in the second step of launching a job. If you want to simplify things, you can hit ‘SELECT ALL’ and we will take care of the rest. For those who want to customize, this is what those additional options do when selected or deselected.

REMOVE DUPLICATES - Lets you get rid of any duplicate emails within your list. Sending to duplicate email is a big no no.

REMOVE SPAM TRAP - This allows you to get rid of any spam trap or honey pot email addresses. Although we cannot remove all the spam-traps, our system is intelligent enough to figure out what looks like a suspicious spam-trap looking email address.

REMOVE COMPLAINERS - This allows us to scan email addresses on your list against the complainers that we have on our database and from other feeds. It reduces your chances of getting your email marked as spam by people who don’t like receiving any marketing emails.

REMOVE TEMPORARY EMAIL ADDRESSES - These are services which allow their customers access to temporary email alias. Usually they become invalid within a specific time span which could range from minutes to days. Sending emails to temporary email addresses pose a high risk of increasing your bounce rate.

FIX TYPOS - Our system tries to automatically correct email addresses which are incorrect due to a typo. One good example is ‘[email protected]’. There is an ‘i’ missing within the domain ‘gmail’. Our system tries to automatically correct and then validate if such mailbox address exists.

Assuming that you have finished launching a validation job, the first step is to login to your account.

1) Once you have logged in, you will see a dashboard much similar to this which shows all the jobs you have launched with us so far, the date and time, the file name given to it by our system, and the status of that job as of now. You should also see a NOTIFICATION ICON on the top which notifies you that a job has been marked as complete.

2) Click on the ‘FILE NAME’ that shows its status as ‘Completed’. This tells you along with the notification icon that our system has finished verifying your mailing list and that its ready to be downloaded. You should land on a page similar to this. From the ‘VERIFIED FILES’ panel, you should be able to download all your validated files - invalid + valid email separated into two files.

Congratulations, you have successfully downloaded the validated results. You can read our articles for information on what the result codes mean and how to make use of the files we supplied to you. You can also read further on Top-level codes and Second-level codes to gain a more comprehensive understanding of what the results mean.

Pay as you go gives you the cost-savings for one-off jobs in comparison to the monthly plans which require you to subscribe for at least a month. Its useful when you have a custom one-off job which needs to be validated right away.

Assuming that you signed into your account, click on ‘Purchase’ link from the left hand menu. You will see a screen similar to this. From here, choose ‘BUY CREDIT’ from the options available. You now have two options. You can choose from the top up menu which has credit ranging from $20-$100 (twenty dollars being the minimum top up amount) or you can type in a custom top up amount. If you need $323.56 credit, you can do that simply by typing that figure here. This is the flexibility of using pay as you go credit. You get to purchase exactly the amount of credit you need.

Once you click ‘TOP UP’, just follow the payment instructions from there. Once the transaction has been completed, you will be redirected to your control panel account. The credit will be added to your account within 2-5 minutes of the transaction being approved.

If you are unsure how much credit you need for a specific job, we suggest that you upload the files first by following the article. Once you arrive on Step 3, you will be presented with the exact cost of validating your mailing list. You can use this amount to top up and then proceed with the validation.

Assuming you have topped up using pay as you go option and you are signed into your account, click on ‘BALANCE / USAGE’ link from the left hand menu. This will open up a new menu with two options. Choose ‘PAY AS YOU GO’ from the list. You will end up on a screen which looks similar to this.

From here, you can see the amount of credit you have used in the past (highlighted on the left side of the box). It currently tells me that we have used $1.10 of our credit. Our current balance is shown to the right side of the screen. As per the screenshot above, our current balance stands at $80.90. The billing tab which is automatically populated shows the billing history of all the top ups made in the past along with the date and time of transaction.

WANT MORE DETAILED USAGE HISTORY? Click on the ‘USAGE’ tab next to billing. This will populate a list of detailed usage history of your top up credits. It is aligned with time and date of usage allowing you to easily see how much you’ve used and when you have topped up. It shows all the deductions and additions. If we have granted you credit as a compensation, this is the place it would show up.

We believe you should know everything you are charged for. This is the sole purpose of such detailed usage statistics. This will not only clear your doubts about any payment related enquiries but also assist you in downloading invoices and keeping you informed of our charges at present and in the past.

Security is important in every web application and ours is no different. We put special emphasis on making sure everything is done securely especially because we are dealing with sensitive details like your customer’s name, address, and email address. One of the way we keep it tight is by allowing you to check your own account’s activity.

From the moment you are logged in, every page you visit is tracked along with your activity such as uploading a mailing list or purchasing a monthly plan or topping up your account. This allows you to check if someone is operating your account and it also gives us useful information on intruder’s activity.

Assuming that you have an account with us and that you are logged in. Click on the small activity log icon beside the log out icon. It looks similar to this and you will see a tooltip pop up every time you hover over it. The tooltip reads ‘ACTIVITY LOG’. Click on it.

You will land on a page which looks similar to this. It will show you the IP address, time, data, action and other crucial detail regarding your account’s activity. Hopefully, this would encourage you to use our email validation platform. We are continually improving our feature set, so if you have any suggestions, please let us know. We would pick them up one after another.

If you forgot your password, we suggest you use the ‘Forgot Password’ link to reset your password. If you are logged into your account but would like to change your password, please go to ‘MY ACCOUNT’ page. If you hover over your name on the top right corner of your control panel, you will see this option ‘MY ACCOUNT’. Click on it.

This will bring you to your account settings screen. From here, you should see an option which says ‘Edit Password’. Click on it to open three new input fields. One is for typing your current password (just to make sure its really you who is changing the password) and the other two are for confirming your new password. Type your desired password in both these fields and hit ‘SAVE’ button. Your new password would be applied to your account.

CHANGE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS? Click on the pencil icon next to your email address. Type in your new email address in the input boxes provided and hit ‘SAVE’. You would now receive a confirmation email sent to your new email address. Once you confirm, your new email address will be applied to your account.

Assuming you are logged in, head to settings page my clicking on ‘MY ACCOUNT’. This is visible when you point your mouse on your first name or your gravatar image. You will then land on a page with your account details. Learn how to change your password or email address. From the tabs, choose ‘PERSONAL’.

From here, you can edit all your account details including your First Name, Last Name, Address, Website URL and much more. This is the first source of information we look at when verifying your account to make sure you are not abusing our system.

This is our regular vetting routine to make sure we are not verifying email for spammers who like to get most of services like ours. We discourage this activity and we ban any account whom we suspect is carrying out such activity. We recommend filling out this information before starting out any validation process to avoid delays in getting your verified email list.

Want to customise how many records are displayed at a time? Well, now you can. We know customizing the number of records to be displayed makes viewing more comfortable. Some people prefer having a large number of records to scan across while others prefer a very few in front of their screens.

We also know that it’s a tiring task if you had to set the number of records you want to see on different parts of the site. To make this task easier, we combined it all so you can see same number of records in every part of the site. Whether its activity log or validation jobs, you will see the same number that you elect through this setting.

Assuming that you are logged in, click on ‘MY ACCOUNT’ either by hovering over your gravatar (display pic) or your name. Now click on ‘APP SETTINGS’ from the choice of tabs. From here you can set the number of records you want to see on your account. As per the screenshot below, the number of records we prefer is 10. You can choose a number you prefer. We hope this feature will make using our email validation software that much easier.

API token allows you to authenticate yourself while making email validation API calls. For security reasons, we suggest you keep changing this token occasionally to keep your account secure and also because its known to be a good practice in the industry.

Assuming you have logged into your account, click on ‘MY ACCOUNT’ by either hovering over your name or display picture. From the tabs displayed, choose ‘API & INTEGRATION’ by clicking on it. You will see a screen much similar to this. Click on ‘RESET’ button which will popup a warning window. Click ‘OK’ on the warning window and your API token should now be different to what you started off with.

Update your API token on all the applications using it. Failure to update the API token will result in authentication failure and thereby fail on any email validation calls your application or form might make. (P.S. Don’t even think about using our API token…Its already been reset)

Having an invoice printed off and filed under company folders might be crucial to some customers who are using our services. We wanted to make it easy for those customers so the process of downloading an invoice for a particular payment made recently or in the past is quite easy.

Before we start on this, you need an invoice obviously with your details or company details listed as the purchaser. For that to happen, you would need to fill in your personal information. Please refer to this article on how to do this. If you have filled in those personal information data, then you are good to go. You can follow the steps listed below.

1) Login to your account
3) Make sure you are in ‘BILLING’ tab. Navigate to the row where the payment was made and select the file type of icon. When you hover over that icon, it should say ‘DOWNLOAD INVOICE’.

Congratulations, you just downloaded the invoice relating to that specific payment you’ve made. If you are still struggling, please let our support team know and we will help you out.

Here is a crucial step before downloading the invoice because, without your personal information, we can’t say who we are charging the bill. If you fill out your personal information accurately - which is protected through our privacy policy, it allows us to generate accurate invoices for your company to file away for future reference.

1) We assume you already have an account. Login to your account.
2) Go to the top right corner where the ‘Gravatar’ is shown. Click on it.
3) Fill in your personal and company information in the section provided.
4) Hit the ‘Save Changes’ button.

Done! You can now go ahead to download those invoices. This step will also allow you to launch our email validation jobs.

Here is a crucial step before downloading the invoice because, without your personal information, we can’t say who we are charging the bill. If you fill out your personal information accurately - which is protected through our privacy policy, it allows us to generate accurate invoices for your company to file away for future reference.

1) We assume you already have an account. Login to your account.
2) Go to the top right corner where the ‘Gravatar’ is shown. Click on it.
3) Fill in your personal and company information in the section provided.
4) Hit the ‘Save Changes’ button.

Done! You can now go ahead to download those invoices. This step will also allow you to launch our email validation jobs.