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Our API outputs three different primary statuses at present.

- VALID: The email address represents a real account/inbox available at the given domain
- INVALID: Not a real email address or no user exists at that designated address
- RISKY: When the domain responds to every validation request as positive, and therefore cannot be fully validated
- UNKNOWN: For some reason we cannot verify whether its valid or invalid. Most of the time a domain did not respond quickly enough

Yes. Every account is loaded with 100 free email validation API credits.

The email validation API is pretty straightforward. It is a simple POST request with two parameters. Check our API documentation for more details.

Got an awesome idea? Please let us by contacting us. Our development team will surely look into bringing it to reality.

To use our email validation API, you must have an API token for access. Once you have logged into your account, you need to click on ‘My account’ where your gravatar is. Click on ‘API & Integration’ tab upon loading. You will find your API token there.

We try to keep things simple. You simply top up and start using the credit. The pricing can be seen on our main website. The API cost is same as ‘Pay as you go’ cost. The more API calls you purchase at a given time, the bigger the discount you will get. So for example, if you purchase 1-50,000 emails, you will be charged at $0.0046/email (as per current pricing). Similarly, if you purchase 50,001 to 100,000, you will be charged at $0.0035/email (as per current pricing). The more you purchase, the less ‘per email’ it costs you. You can always try our API out just by topping up $20.

You will get FREE 100 CREDITS to start off with. If you like it, feel free to top up further. If not, you can use that same credit for uploading files for email validation directly through our control panel.

Here are some example costs:
2500 API calls - $0.0046/email - $0.0046 x 2500 = $11.50
48,000 API Calls = $0.0046/email - $0.0046 x 48,000 = $220.80
52,000 API calls - $0.0035/email - $0.0035 x 52000 = $182

If you are still confused about pricing, let us know by contacting us.

Yes, we do! Please check the sample codes page of the email validation API for developers documentation. You should be able to find all major programming language sample codes including C, cURL, C#, GO, Java, Javascript, NodeJS, Objective-C, PHP, Python, Ruby, Shell and more. We also have batch or bulk email validation API  which lets you validate a large number of files at once. In addition to that, you can make use of our form validation API to validate email addresses during your customer sign up process. If you have issues with using any of our API requests, please talk to our technical team by contacting us.