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Product comparison

This section will provide you with useful information on what separates us from our competitors. Some of them do provide some of these features but most of them lack the majority of features we take pride in providing. What we are most proud of is our amazing customer service - if something isn’t working the way it should, we sort it out fast - real fast.

What we provide that our competitors fail to ↓

✓ Easy to use control panel
✓ Top-notch reliability and privacy
✓ Regular threat assessments for our network
✓ Comprehensive mailing list cleaning stages
Encrypted file transfers to and fro
✓ Upto 98% accuracy for our validations
✓ Works with Yahoo, Gmail, AOL ESP providers
✓ Pre and post email validation stages
✓ AI-powered spamtrap and complainer indicators
Email validation API to interact with third-party apps
Form validation API for validating web form data
Enhanced deduplication to avoid unnecessary cleaning
Domain & MTA Checks for added accuracy
Typo correction as a FREE added benefit
List segmenting by free email service providers or others
Unbalanced delimiter checks for increased reliability


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Upto 98% validation accuracy

Upto 98% validation accuracy

Email validation can be incredibly complicated. There are a lot of things that need to be taken into account to get perfect reliable results that you can rely on. A lot of our competitors haven’t cracked the code yet but we stayed in this industry long enough to confidently say, we’ve cracked the code! We can guarantee up to 98% accurate email validation for all email addresses you can throw at our system. They could be private business emails or those provided by large ESPs like Yahoo/Gmail, or International Emails (Eg. .co.za). Check out our comprehensive 12 stage email validation process for further information on how we can achieve this.

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Spamtrap and complainers

Often referred to as HoneyPot, it’s an email address used to expose illegitimate senders who crawl for email addresses around the web and add them to their mailing lists without permission. Once you start sending to one of these addresses, your emails are automatically classified as spam and quite often blocked permanently. We have an AI-powered spam-trap email indicator and live feed of complainers from around the world which we use to scan your mailing list. This helps us accurately classify an email as being a honeypot or complainer (people who don’t like receiving marketing emails and are often known to click on the “spam” button).

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Spamtrap and complainers

Email validation API

Email validation API

Our email validation API allows developers to integrate email data validation capabilities into 3rd-party applications. Spotzee email validation connects with email domains to validate the status of email addresses and removes email addresses containing invalid domains. It can also remove duplicate email addresses, suggests correct domain names (typo suggestion), clean records that match our spam-trap indicators, checks for high-risk keywords/domains, remove email addresses containing invalid syntax, and more. We also have a bulk email validation API and form validation API available for use.

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Comprehensive email list cleaning

It’s always good to do things in order and that’s what we do with our email validation process. We start with a pre-validation stage where things like duplicate emails are eliminated from going through the email verification process. The email validation process itself has several steps like identifying spam-traps, complainers, typo suggests, invalid syntax, MTA checks, unbalanced delimiter checks, and more. Lastly, the post-validation stage goes through the list looking for things like suppressed emails entered through our system or custom TLD’s you would like removed.

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Comprehensive email list cleaning

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