A list of SMTP and IMAP servers of popular ISPs

What we do

Our email validation software benefits you in a lot of ways. We require no software installation or addons and we never use your IP address - we really can’t even if we wanted to. We’re an online service that eliminates both of these problems which most other services have issues with when you are attempting to clean your email list.

We are easy to use and time-saving. You just need to upload your email list and hit the go button. There is no need to sit and watch the progress. Once its ready, we inform you through email on downloading these verified files. We take the workload off you and put it on our staff and system.

We have the technical perfection to validate email. We use 12 stage list scrubbing process to process your list. These include number of checks including syntax, domain, MX and much more. We do this all without sending a single email to your recipient. We even offer sending email as a last option for those wanting to achieve upto 98% accuracy.

We are highly experienced and passionate programmers. Since 2007, we have been building our system with no plans to stop. Every single validation job only improves our system’s accuracy. We’ve processed millions of email addresses so far and we are ready to take millions more.

We are very reliable, secure, safe and compliant. We take your data and privacy very seriously. Your data is never retained and exposed or used in any methods we use. As soon as your list is clean, you have an option to delete and purge data from your control panel.