A list of SMTP and IMAP servers of popular ISPs

Product overview

Spotzee email validation is an innovative new product developed by Jonah and Associates, LLC - a New Zealand company. From day one, we were built on trust, honesty, integrity, transparency, and putting our customers first. This is evidenced by 100s of testimonials on our site and continual A+ star rating.

You can use our email validation service to clean up invalid email addresses from your mailing list of subscribers. Whether you are cleaning 1000 subscribers or 1,000,000 subscribers, we can take care of them all. You will enjoy the same accuracy and features no matter what the size.

At JA, we think, eat, sleep, breathe, and occasionally dream email marketing, email validation & list cleaning and bringing innovative ideas to life.

We are dedicated bunch of people who take care of getting your message delivered. We are a full service email marketing company - See Spotzee Email Marketing. We are committed to providing the best quality products and services to our existing and new customers.

We strive to drive our profits and innovations across the world’s most powerful and dynamic networks. By keeping pace with the rapid growth and evolution of technology, we provide businesses with powerful advantages in online marketplace including automated email marketing software (Email It) and email scrubbing service.

Some numbers…

  • 3.6 billion emails validated to date
  • 300+ million spamtraps prevented
  • 200+ million complainers avoided
  • 100k+ server scaling capacity
  • 2000+ of temporary email address providers
  • 100s of connections with email service providers
  • 100% network service uptime
  • 12 stage list cleaning process