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Spotzee Email Validation – Trusted by the World’s most recognized brands and businesses.

Company history

Developed in 2004, our proprietary email marketing software has been proven leader for many enterprise marketers and medium to large enterprises who want to manage their email marketing campaigns. This eventually led our company developing a simple, innovative, and accurate service that would allow users to validate their subscriber lists to avoid fruitless email marketing campaigns.

Over the years, we have excelled in developing accurate spam-trap identification system in our industry. We’ve validated a whopping 280m emails so far and counting. We also have direct live feeds from various data sources giving us up-to-date information on complainers. All of our email data and email campaigns are can-spam compliant.

In addition to providing solutions to your email marketing needs, we offer a unique service to bring our creative innovative ideas to life, whether your goal is to develop a customised web application, to designing a mobile phone application, or your own software program.

We are avid proponents of generating exposure of your creative ideas through these specific digital platforms. Don’t let your creative ideas fall by the wayside just because you lack the technological expertise or drive to make it a reality. Trust the knowledge of our staff to lead you seamlessly through this process.

Relationship building is the foundation of our team. We feel passionate about your success as much as you do. We want to be your partners in success. If you’re ready to begin your journey, we are ready to help guide your way.

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