A list of SMTP and IMAP servers of popular ISPs


Spotzee Email Validation is a simple, easy-to-use, and accurate email validation software. You can validate a list of email addresses whether they exist or not without having to send an email. Your computer or its IP address is not used in the process safeguarding you as a sender. It’s all done through our cloud-based online software using our own IP and infrastructure.

Just click through to our control panel, upload your mailing list, and our system will produce the results almost instantaneously. It really is that simple. Apart from this, we have hundreds of spamtrap indicators and live feeds of complainers. This allows us to check whether there is a match between your mailing list and our databases. If there is, we will mark it as such and let you know.

Spotzee Email Validation is operated and owned by Jonah and Associates, LLC. You can learn more by visiting Jonah and Associate’s website.