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Subscriber management

✅ Sort contacts

Subscriber/contacts sort is an easy way to sort your subscribers based on the date they were added to your mailing list, when they recently updated their profile, or based on their email address.

✅ Segments contacts

Segments allow you to build “mini” email lists based on conditions you have put in place. Creating a segment involves placing conditions based on their email, first name, last name or any other custom fields.

✅ Filter contacts

Filters allow you to narrow down your search for just that right group of subscribers. You can filter subscribers through their status – bounced, blacklisted, spam reported, unconfirmed, subscribed, and more.

✅ Robust search

Having 1000s of contacts/subscribers might make it difficult to find the subscribers you are looking for. Our robust search searches for everything including the custom fields you have in place.

✅ View contacts

Subscriber views are a neat feature because it allows your staff to customise the interface as per their liking. It lets them see the information they want to see when looking at a specific list of subscribers.

✅ Custom data fields

Custom Fields are crucial not only for our integration partners but also for narrowing down to the right group of people. We allow custom field data which you can use to personalise your email campaign.

Separate and segregate

Contacts segmenting

With Spotzee, you can use the list and subscriber information to target and filter subscribers into segments. You have the option of adding as many conditions as you choose. You can create segments where all the conditions must hold true or any conditions. You have a number of options to base these conditions on including subscriber profile data, campaign activity data, conversations activity data, email client used data, location data and much more.

Drag and drop

Sign up forms

Adding a form to your website is one of the best ways to gain targeted leads. Our system allows full customisation of the form to support your branding, or combine it with any special offers you have going on, or boost your engagement with your subscribers. Avoid false sign ups by enabling reCAPTCHA, change the colours, fields displayed and other such data.


Forms customisation

This feature allows you to have access to advanced mode of creating and editing sign up forms and response emails. We recommend this feature to be used by professionals who have expertise in coding. You can customise almost any form that your users will see including sign up form, thank you page, opt-in confirmation email, unsubscribe form, profile update form, and more.

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