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World-class training

We offer online courses designed for ambitious executives who want to develop their businesses but don’t have the time for commitment specific times in their day. The classes are entirely online, which allows you to learn at your own pace. You have a dedicated personal coach who will support you through the learning journey. We help you drive open rates, engagement, and conversions with our collection of classes on email marketing. We will teach you how to grow opt-in databases, craft highly targeted and personalised direct email marketing campaigns that are bound to drive your ROI. We help you understand why email marketing is such a powerful channel for a digital marketer.

Some of our interactive workshops

Rules of content

Take your email marketing program to that next level from creating good email campaigns to building great ones that cut through the noise and gives you results.

Effective writing

Give us a chance to show you how to become an effective writer and create content that compels your audiences to take an immediate action.

Leads to customers

Learn the secrets of turning your leads to closing the sales and making them your customers. We help you create meaningful conversations with prospects.

Tell your story

Storytelling has a way of capturing your audience’s attention. In this workshop, you learn how to tell compelling, action-inspiring stories that drive action.

Hands-on training

Email Marketing is a channel businesses can use by themselves. You do not need in-house experts to see results. Our hands-on email marketing training program helps you use one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing to keep in touch with your customers, capture leads, and generate accurate results. You will learn the best practices in the industry, complying with CAN-SPAM, how-to and tips, building an effective mailing list, creating and successfully launching email marketing campaigns, testing tracking and tweaking your email marketing campaigns for maximum results.