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Design elements

We believe Drag and Drop is the way to go when it comes to designing email templates of your choice. Not only does it make it easy to design your own email campaign template, it also aids in avoiding code-related issues. The code is generated by our system which means your templates will always look flawless no matter what device your customer is using to view your email from. Some of the elements include image blocks, column blocks, and text blocks.

A closer look at our innovative

Email campaign designer

🔖 WYSIWYG editor

A beautiful email template editor with What-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) capability. Packed with more than 40+ powerful editor features including easy way to format your text, insert links, edit images and more.

☁️ Cloud upload & storage

Using our services allows you to make use of our fast cloud-based image upload service. It is stored securely in our cloud and delivered fast via our robust content delivery network (CDN).

🔰 Drag and drop designer

Drag and Drop designer allows you to drag the elements you want right on to your email template. We have a range of elements available for use including column blocks, separators, image blocks and more.

✏️ Advanced editing

Our WYSIWYG editor has beautiful selection of editing tools. Change colours, fonts, and styles with ease. Choose from the colour palette available or use your HTML colour code to get that perfect match.

📃 Advanced formatting

Our Email Designer has been built with professionals in mind. If you love coding the template yourself, we allow full source code editing right within our editor. You can customise almost every part of your email template.

🎨 Easy colour management

Don’t like the colour? Change the theme with a click of a button. Choose the colour themes you like and our designer does the rest. Want that perfect colour shade, you can use our colour palette to get the job done.


Email templates

To get results, you need a personalised and an effective email campaign. Our wide range of email templates selection categorised according to various industries helps you to narrow down to an ideal choice of template. Create that gorgeous looking email campaign bound to get you the results. Make them your own by uploading your company logo, changing the theme colours to match your branding and adding new elements that you need. They are coded to perfection and they are made to look good on all devices.

Made for enterprise

Content management

Large data across a range of platforms make it difficult for businesses to identify and track important information. Our enterprise content management strategies help you capture, store, process, and assess data to stay competitive in your industry.Better management of content has several benefits such as making informed decisions, minimizing risks associated with lost data, greater engagement with customers, maximizing investment in various marketing channels, increasing efficiency by optimizing business processes, and constant assessment of business objectives to respond to changing needs.

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