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Email Address Validation

We have a sister company who provide email verification and email validation services to our email marketing clients. Their team performs list cleaning services amounting to millions of email addresses every month. Their service is fast, quick and highly accurate when it comes to validating an email address existence. Here is some information from their website.

What does Email Verifier App / Spotzee Email Validation do?

They provide simple, fast and, most importantly, accurate verification of email addresses at an affordable price to help businesses protect themselves from sending emails to invalid addresses, which has significant negative effect on email campaign ROI and sender’s reputation. Their engineers constantly strive to enhance our email verification techniques so they are able to provide you as their customers, a more accurate, fast, reliable information about whether an email exists or not. The tool comes in very handy especially before sending our an email marketing campaign.

By using their tools, you can be assured that you are sending to valid email addresses that are sure to respond. You will see an improvement in the number of emails opened, bounces, and click rate. Whether you are an individual user just validating a few addresses or a business user verifying 1000s of emails, they can guarantee that online list cleaner would do a great job for you. Be sure to remember that email authentication/verification is not an easy task with so many variables to validate from servers to MX records…but as a customer you can be sure that it would be as simple as 1-2-3.


  • Greater response rate
  • Better Campaign Results
  • Improved customer communication
  • Loved by all
  • Emails in inbox, not spam box
  • Highly Accurate

Validation Process and Service Information

Their email validating software checks for various things. It starts out by validating if the domain exists…if it doesn’t then you obviously can’t send any emails there. If it does exist, it finds the appropriate mail server and talks to it by providing the inbox it wants to reach. The server replies with various messages including whether such inbox exists or not.

Apart from their highly affordable prices, what makes them really different is the constant strive to use the latest techniques in improving their email verification tool. They want their email verifier to be fast, accurate and reliable for businesses striving to achieve highest return on their investment.