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Campaign Management

As easy as Office 365

As easy as Office 365

We believe managing your email campaign should be easy. Create Email Campaigns quickly and easily with our campaign manager. Our intuitive design was built with users in mind. We wanted to cater for all ranges from novice to experts. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you will know how to create emails with Spotzee. It really is that easy. Our visual editor works with fully responsive emails so they look great on all devices.

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Some neat features of our campaign manager

✅ Intuitive

We kept our users in mind when building our campaign manager. Everything from radio buttons all the way to where each option should be has been carefully thought of to give our users an amazing experience.

✅ Auto-save

Ever had those moments where you create a beautiful email but you accidentally clicked away from the page. Everything you have done has been wiped clean. We prevent such incidences by auto-saving as you craft your beautiful email campaign.

✅ Campaign duplication

It is obvious if you have a successful email marketing campaign, you want all your other email campaigns to have this same success. This is why we made it effortless to copy all the settings and content by allowing you to duplicate your email campaign.

✅ Campaign configuration

Are you the type who likes to customise everything? You can do that with our campaign manager. We don’t just allow changing names but even the place you want to get reply back to. You can even customise what tracking you need and what you don’t.

✅ Easy template selection

We have spent months designing a campaign manager that allows businesses to choose the template of their choice with ease. We know how hard it can be to pick the right design so we categorise templates to make this process as simple and easy as possible.

✅ Campaign

Sending the right email at the right time has always been our emphasis. Getting the timing right is crucial for your email campaign success. Our campaign manager allows you to set that right date and time for your email campaign to be sent out.

Additional Features

Built-in spam check

One of the most important reason why customers use our email marketing software is to ensure high deliverability rate. We achieve this mainly by a built-in spam check tool. Your email is scanned (both HTML and Text) for keywords that trigger ‘spam alarm’ from Major Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) like Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail.

Campaign Optimisation Tips

When you want to send successful email campaigns, you need to know the best practices in the industry, the techniques used and the problems you might encounter along the way. Who better to ask for these than the people who provide you with the service. Almost every page you visit within our Control Panel, you will see a tip that relates to an activity you are on.

Dynamic Content Blocks

These days almost every website is dynamic…so why shouldn’t your email campaign be? Let’s say you have a sports shop that sells golf clubs and hockey sticks. You used custom fields to assign customers who are interested in golf and hockey. Now you can customise blocks of content to display a hockey stick and info to those interested in hockey and golf club info to those who are into golf.

Forward a Friend

With our platform, he/she doesn’t have to strain their nerves forward each email. All they have to do is click on the “Forward a friend” link, type in the email address of their friends and click send. Our system sends your campaign as ‘original’ with a personalised message attached to your customer’s contacts with the same credibility that your original email was sent with.

Automatic Bounce Processing

If you have a large contacts list, its a tedious job to see which emails got bounced for reasons like “Email Doesn’t Exist” or “Over Quota”. It get more tedious when you remove each contact manually to avoid getting blacklisted by email service providers. We acted on this by managing the entire process of bounce management for you. You will still see which emails got bounced through our CP.

Schedule Email Campaigns

Ever wanted to finish designing your email campaign and move on with other things. Well now you can with our ‘Schedule an Email Campaign’ feature. Just set the date and time and we will take care of the rest. When the date and time is right, we will start sending your desired email campaign to the list you have specified. Our system admins continually monitor to make sure things go smoothly.

Other Awesome Features

No Duplicate Emails ever

You never have to worry about duplicate emails. We guarantee you’ll never find a duplicate email address in your list.

Send to Multiple Lists at Once

With full support for scheduled sending, you can blast your email out immediately or schedule it to go out at a later more convenient time.

CAPTCHA Form Support

Eliminate automated submissions from your website signup form by enabling CAPTCHA form support.

HTML, Text or Both (Multi-part)

Create beautiful HTML emails, informative text emails or both using the integrated campaign editor. Multipart emails are sent as HTML and text and your subscriber’s email client will show whichever version it supports best.

Pause or Resume Sending

From the “Scheduled Emails” page you can see a list of emails waiting to send and you can even pause and resume emails that have started sending.

Embed Images as Attachments

When sending a campaign you have the option to embed images as attachments, meaning your email can be viewed (once downloaded) without an internet connection.

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