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Trigger Autoresponder

A triggered email can be an automated follow-up email that is sent when a recipient clicks on a link within an email or opens an email. For example, you can use triggers to send a follow-up email 24 hours after a recipient opens your first newsletter announcing your new product. Or you can use a trigger to send a “thank you” email immediately to a recipient that clicks on the “purchase” link of your newsletter.

  • Send automated followup e-mail messages to your recipients who take a particular action on a past e-mail message.
  • Setup such an automated followup e-mail when a recipient clicks a link or opens an e-mail message.
  • Launching a new product? Send a coupon to folks who click a link to the product’s page.
  • Be personal. Use triggers to send a “thank you” e-mail immediately to a recipient that clicks on the “purchase” page link of your web site.

Successful e-mail marketers are leaning towards greater personalization and segmentation and away from “Massive blasting” one e-mail to their entire list. They are sending highly relevant content to segments of their lists based on user profiles and user behavior. With the addition of Triggers, Personalization, and RSS features, Email It! provides the most robust Marketing platform available for today´s advanced e-Marketers.