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Setup Auto Responders

Setup any number of auto responders. You can have certain email campaigns to be sent after a subscriber subscribes and then additional campaigns at timed intervals (such as 24 hours later, 2 months after that, etc..). You can even target these mailings to certain demographics or subscriber details that our software has captured. One example might be sending 10% coupon to a subscriber after they shows interest.

Trigger on Subscription

You can trigger certain email campaign to go out when a someone subscribes to your mailing list. These Subscriber actions allow you to set certain things to happen when a subscription or unsubscription occurs, a link is clicked, a campaign read, etc… You can setup subscriber actions to update subscriber info, perform subscription tasks, send campaigns, and more.

Social Reactions

While social media marketing cannot be automated entirely – you can set up automated social reactions. You could subscribe a subscriber to a new list if they Like a campaign on Facebook, send a follow up campaign if they post on Twitter about a campaign, update subscriber fields when they take a specific social action, and more. Automated email marketing with a social twist.

Date Based Campaigns

Send email campaigns based on subscriber data. You can send birthday wishes, reminders, contract renewals, newsletter loyalty campaigns, and so much more. This increase the communication between your subscribers and yourself which helps you further in increasing your revenue.

RSS Based Campaigns

You can easily add any number of RSS feeds to any campaign type providing dynamic and instant content. Taking this one step further is the ability to send an RSS triggered campaign that will send the campaign when new posts/items are available in your RSS feed.

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