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A closer look at our

Spotzee marketing software

  1. Personal service

It doesn’t matter if you are a big customer or you are just starting off with a few thousand emails per month…we are here to serve. We give you the same importance, same priority and we value you just the same. You are free to call us.

  1. No monkey charges

We don’t charge you every single time your email address appears on various segments and mailing lists. Email It only charges you for the number of emails you actually send and for the unique email addresses you have.

  1. Unlimited sending

When we say unlimited sending with no limit, we actually mean it. MailChimp might limit you on the number of campaigns you create but we don’t. We allow you to send as many email campaigns as you want to and segment as many lists as you want to.

  1. Competitive pricing

Our pricing is high competitive with that of MailChimp. In fact, we compete with some of the biggest email marketing companies and we manage to beat them on their feature sets too.

  1. White-label option

We don’t just allow logo changes and colours, we completely hide ourselves from your clients so you can maximise your profits by offering services to your customers with added value.