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Priya Jain

May 22, 2021

How radio shows use email marketing

With the fierce competition in the market, radio stations are constantly looking for methods to stay ahead in the crowd. And, the best and easiest way for the radio …

Feb 05, 2021

Email anatomy from header to footer

1. The Preheader These small and subdued text blurbs at the top of your emails are getting more play these days. Particularly as more folks browse their inboxes from …

Aug 31, 2020

Mastering email marketing campaign

Email marketing gives you the advantage of reaching directly in the mailbox of the customers, and if you are disturbing the customers with some content, you need to …

Aug 06, 2020

Free email validation API

A number of customers have requested free email validation API credits. At first, we thought it was a great idea until we saw some abusers. They always spoil the …