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Welcoming the spring season with email marketing

24 March, 2021 | 2 Min Read

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The birds outside are chirping and the days are getting longer, which officially means that it’s time to get welcome the spring season. While spring season is a time to freshen up your home, it’s time to bring vibrancy in the email marketing campaigns as well. Sending the same newsletters to the target audience is a great way to remove the customers from the marketing list. Determine the sentiments of your audience and plant fresh ideas in the email campaign to reach the target audience. Focus on renewing your email design, subject lines and approaches to win the trust of the target readers. Here are a few ways of welcoming the spring season.

Freshen up the subject line

Subject lines should change with every marketing campaign, but if you’re seeing a decline in the result, then you need to improve your subject line. Try running the different A/B test on different subject lines to understand what resonates with the target audience. In today’s digital world, emoji’s are a hot topic. Therefore, focus on inserting a fun filled spring emoji at the beginning of the subject line. It will help you catch the attention of the readers. Focus on freshening the subject line to improve the email statistics.

Clean the marketing list

A clean email list is a great way to reach the target audience and get the messages delivered to the inbox of the readers. Therefore, spend some time cleaning the contact list once every three months to remove unwanted customers from the marketing list. Removing the email addresses that cause email bounce will help you improve the email metrics. Therefore, focus on removing contacts who did not opt-in and customers who disengage subscribers who are more than a year old.

Take advantage of the spring holidays

Spring is full of holidays. Therefore, take advantage of the spring holiday and add festivity to your email campaign design. Share different offers and promotional codes to the customers to increase the chances of winning their trust.

Focus on creating a compelling email marketing newsletter to reach the target audience.

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