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This valentine's day woo your subscribers

Published on by Priya Jain

Valentine’s day is almost round the corner, which means that shoppers are searching for the perfect gift for their special person. As a marketer, don’t forgo email newsletter service during the romantic season because it can take your campaign miles. Therefore, make the most romantic season by offering gift vouchers and special offers to build brand loyalty. It’s the perfect platform for marketers to increase the sales and reach the target audience. Today, with fierce competition in the market, it’s crucial for marketers to utilize the effectiveness of the platform to build a loyal customer base. And, there is no better day than Valentine’s Day because it’s the day when people celebrate the best part of life – love! Here are a few ways to woo the subscribers using an authentic email template.

1) Incorporate campaigns on social media

Believe it or not! Proposals do occur even on social media, and it’s one of the leading platforms to spread the message of love. According to a survey by National Retail Federation, close to $18.9 billion is spent every year on Valentine’s day. Using social media, marketers can integrate their email campaign into social media and create some online buzz. Tweet and share photos on Facebook and Instagram and focus on using clever hashtags to make your posts viral. Furthermore, to make things more interesting for the subscribers, enter a giveaway on social media by tagging friends and family members. Tagging will not only drive engagement but increase the participation of your email newsletter service. Social media will help you spread the word about your business and help you win the trust of the customers.

2) Make subscribers fall for your offer

During the Valentine’s Day, it’s crucial to offer the right message to the target audience. The right proposal at the right offer will not only increase the ROI but will build brand reputation. Therefore, think about a suitable product or services your customers are likely to avail during the love week. If you are a service based company, you can offer a free month trial to the customers and if you are a product based company, offer discounts on the products. Furthermore, instead of providing just flowers and chocolates, focus on sending subscribers with an exclusive e-valentine voucher to make them fall in love at the first swipe.

3) Send personalized emails to the subscribers

To personalize the campaigns, match the emails with a custom landing page which is exclusive to the subscribers. Furthermore, focus on filtering the irrelevant messages and gear the campaigns towards making the email campaign personalized for the subscribers. Also, use love emoji’s in the subject line to capture the attention of the subscribers and offer free shipping to customers who regularly purchase your brand.

Capture the heart of your customer and keep them coming back by using email newsletter service. Valentine’s Day is probably the perfect time of the year to use email marketing to strengthen your relationship with the subscribers.

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