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Spotzee combines Email Verifier App and Email It services

Published on by Roshan Jonah

Our Story

We thought long and hard about our business, and we took an important step towards merging both of our products into a single brand - Spotzee Marketing. Our goal is to make Spotzee Marketing a one-stop shop for all your marketing needs. Whether it’s generating leads or sending highly-targeted highly-personalised SMS or push notifications to your userbase, we got your back. As we transition into this new and exciting journey, we want to thank all our customers from Email It App and Email Verifier App that helped shape us the way we are today. Our goal is to connect world-class marketers with world-class companies. We want to help mainly small-to-medium businesses by equipping them with advanced technology that allows them to know their customers better, identify potential leads and serve to attain excellent customer ratings.

Our future looks very exciting as we work towards restructuring our App to serve our customer base better. We have exciting partnerships coming up and lots of new integrations with the tools you use and love. We are not here to reinvent the wheel but allow our customers to use advanced filtering and segmentation to curate highly targeted and successful marketing campaigns. We genuinely believe that it comes down to what you can do with the data you have in the current day and age. We are trying to design a marketing platform for people, not for robots. So often, we are consumed up with automated this and automated that. While our platform tries to make your job easier, our focus is still on connecting people with people.

It’s frustrating to receive 100s of messages on every possible channel from people who design automated bots and systems to try to gain you as their customer. Surprisingly, nearly 90% of the time, they do the exact opposite - they don’t get your attention. They are frustrated with your approach. We believe that a better way to reach potential customers is by researching their needs and approaching them with a solid understanding of what they do and how they can improve using what you have to offer. One on one always works as opposed to mass marketing. We are trying to bring this back. We don’t know how exactly this will happen, but that’s our vision. We want to reinvent what it feels like to find the right product to suit your needs - that excitement of knowing it’s the best fit for your situation and the best decision you could’ve made.

Email Marketing Service

With that said, let me talk a bit about our products and what they do and what they wish to do. Email It App - originally www.emailitapp.com, started off providing email marketing software way back in the day. A simple campaign manager loads up the offers that a customer had and blast not such a personalised email to all their customer base. We then customised the email a little by adding their name (Dear John…), so it became more personal. Then we started adding more features where these customer could be tagged based on their actions, and we could use these tags to create more engaging targeted marketing campaigns.

These days, you could connect to external services you already use, import data about a customer, send highly personalised offers and more. You have much more advanced features like delayed sending, so you don’t overwhelm the receiving email servers and be told softly to back off (soft bounce). You can schedule to send an email based on your subscriber/customer’s time opening your email and engaging with it. You could automatically load up dynamic content straight off your website or App and have it automatically send through to segments or filtered lists.

I can go into more detail, but that’s pretty much the essence of where we are with our email marketing software. It’s been customised through the use of an excellent open-source project. We are digging deep into it through machine learning to understand everything a little bit better. One use case is by suggesting subject lines that work well. We are working to implement this and more such features. These features essential to aid your marketing, but we are working to ensure they don’t overtake what we know works with what we know doesn’t work (non-human automated messages to just anyone on your lists).

Email Validation Service

From this software came the birth of email validation software. We were one of the very first ones in this market space. When some of our clients got to know about email marketing, they were excited. They would go out there, collect emails when they do conferences or POS sales and then load up their customer lists to our software. They would design their email campaigns with information on what was going on in their business and send it away. There were a couple of downsides to this. First, some customers who would receive their email campaign wouldn’t remember receiving emails from this company. They must have forgotten about the other people they exchanged emails with at a conference, so they would click on the report spam button or not engage with it. The other issue was the emails being loaded incorrectly with a typo because of legibility and all sorts of reasons. We would notice these legitimate senders being penalised by email service providers like Gmail and Yahoo for sending to non-engaging and bounced email addresses. This brought down their reputation and eventually dropped their campaign performance because most of them would end up in the spam folder. When some of these clients approached us, we thought surely there must be a way to resolve this or check to ensure the correct email address. With that in mind, we created this email validation service and named it Email Verifier App - originally www.emailverifierapp.com.

Email Verifier App is an excellent tool for validating emails to ensure they didn’t have typos by actually simulating the email sending process. We don’t send the email because we disconnect at the very last minute when the email server accepts the email’s body content. In this way, we could verify if an email address exists without actually getting bounced and, therefore, would protect the reputation of our senders. This ensured that the good senders weren’t penalised for what was a genuine mistake. We also created an API that could be loaded in phones, browsers, forms, iPads, anywhere where there is the internet and use our form validation API to ensure the email address was correct. So now, the process of collecting emails is far more accurate than it once was. We can tell the user entering their email right away if there was a typo in it. It also meant we had to be careful who we take on board as a customer because someone could come to us and ask us to validate the email address when all along they have been scraping emails off the internet. This practice is not allowed - it’s illegal to email someone without their consent.

IT Consulting Service

So that’s our short story with our two products relating to marketing. We also provide IT consulting services through our parent company Jonah and Associates, based in Australia and New Zealand. We concentrate on a few areas that we excel in, like Marketing, Cloud Computing, Business & Artificial Intelligence, and App Development. So Spotzee Marketing is an excellent venture for our company - nearly all of our staff are working remotely, and I am excited to see where the future takes us.

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