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Spark interest with email subject line

15 April, 2021 | 2 Min Read

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Your email will not be read until they are opened by the customers because they are the gatekeepers for the marketing campaign. And, a majority of the customers today open only those email whose subject line interests them. The email marketing campaign will accelerate and touch new heights if you are capable to attract their attention using a creative subject line. The click through rates will shoot-up making your campaign successful.

1. Choose the Words Cautiously

Some words in the subject line tend to trigger the spam alerts and the email directly lands in the spam items. The most common words triggering the spammers are Attention!, Available!, Here!, Shipping! The best way to understand some of the other important words that trigger the spammers is checking your spam mails and trying to figure out the mails having more or less similar content.

2. Short and Crisp

A study conducted in the year 2013 revealed that email with less than 10 words have a success opening rate of 58%. The result should be enough to make the subject line of your email marketing campaign as short and crisp as possible. Short subject lines is one of the pathway to a ladder to email marketing success.

3. The Number Fantasy

Subject line which includes number in the form of $10 off or 20 percent discount attracts more customers and increases the click rate. Sending boring email as ‘Holiday season come and shop will not trigger the customers to open your newsletter.

4. Highlight the benefits

A customer will not open the email unless, the email has something to offer to them. Therefore, highlight the offers in the subject line to spark interest with the customers. This is essential because as the world is slowly drifting towards email as the main source of communication, hundreds of mails are received daily, making it difficult to read every mail that reaches the inbox.

5. Test What you Send

Test the effectiveness of the subject line by sending mail to consumers with different a subject line and same content. The email which receives the highest click rate is clearly the winner and has outperformed the rest of the mails.

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