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Selecting an email validation vendor

15 August, 2020 | 2 Min Read

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Congratulations! You are about to join the elite league of marketers who believe in keeping the inbox happy by not sending irrelevant and unwanted email addresses. Selecting the right email validation vendor is important as it will help you clean the mailing list and attract customers to the business. However, the selection requires a thorough vendor evaluation before the final decision can be made. You need a vendor that is able to outshine the email address and connect to the customers in an easy way.

Here are few steps to protect yourself from making the wrong selection of the vendor.

1. Data Security

Your database will comprise of critical and important information about the customers. You need a vendor, who is trustworthy and protect the data from being leaked. You can look for a credible referral on the internet or ask your friends for a referral, in case they have used such a service previously. A vendor with a good reputation will help you clean the mailing list and ensure that the customers remain happy and loyal for forever. To ensure, you have made the right choice, you can even ask the potential vendor to prove their commitment to data security. Security of the customer’s information is essential, therefore, choose an email address validation wisely.

2. Test before hiring

Before selecting an email vendor, you can ask the vendor to run a batch test on around 1000-2000 email addresses present in the mailing list. If the results are reasonably good, you can hire the vendor for cleaning the full database. Additionally, if the batch testing is requested for an unreasonably high number, then you are going to lose out on the best potential vendors. Therefore, do not burden the vendors with an unreasonable batch test. Attract reputable validate email vendors instead of attracting less reputable email validation vendors.

3. Cost

The cost of cleaning the mailing list should be the last thing on your mind because if you only look at low cost vendors, the email marketing campaign will not be successful. Go for the reputation of the specialist and not the money they charge.

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