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Reigniting the interest: steps for email re-engagement

Published on by Priya Jain

In email marketing, it’s believed that the money lies in the marketing list. A strong and powerful list serves as a strong foundation for a successful email marketing campaign. The more the number of active people in your email list, the more ROI it will drive over the coming time. However, still many business owners fail to understand this success mantra and overlook the necessity of a sparkling clean email list. However, not everyone on your list will receive your messages enthusiastically. You need to segregate these customer and re-ignite the spark by sending re-engagement messages. However, you also need to clean the list using email verifier to stay connected with genuine customer.

Find out the ideal time for sending messages

Never forget that your subscribers are humans, put yourself in the shoes of the customers and think of when you want to receive a message. No one likes to receive promotional messages first thing in the morning. If you’re targeting business owners, focus on sending the email in a later part of the day. And, if your customers are salaried employees, send messages on a weekend when they have leisure time to read their inbox. Without understanding the ideal time, your messages will only go unnoticed in the inbox. However, before triggering any email, clean the marketing list using email address validation.

Send special messages

Let the inactive subscribers know that you missed their presence and you want them back with a subject line saying that. Additionally, include a special and exclusive offer such as discount, incentive, access to free information and freebies. Special messages usually trigger the interest of the customers and they’re more likely to engage once again with your brand. Furthermore, add an unsubscribe link at the bottom for people who want to permanently leave the marketing campaign.

Keep subscribers engaged

You can prevent a buildup of inactive subscribers by keeping the current subscribers engaged. Never overwhelm the readers with too many emails and focus on sending clear and concise information.

No re-engagement campaign is successful without email address verifier.

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