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How content marketing and email validation are interlinked?

Content Marketing since long has been helping plethora of marketers connect effectively with the customers. But, there a still a lot of email marketers who are yet to engage the customers with content marketing. Email validation and content marketing are linked because if the content is good, the …

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4 list building hacks to grow your database

…end-up shelling up more than $10 to acquire a new subscriber. How many businesses can afford to spend $10 per customer on online advertising to grow their email list? However, with the increasing penetration of technology, marketers can acquire a subscriber in less than $5. Also, to increase …

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Email reputation and why is it important?

Without winning the trust of both the subscribers and ISPs, you can never become successful. In short, trust = good reputation = success. Marketers who want to reach new heights in email marketing should focus on improving email reputation. Having a good reputation makes your brand a trusted sender …

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The XYZ of improving email deliverability using email API

If you do what is best for your customers, things tend to go your way. When an email goes unread, the customer didn’t like the message, or the email never reached the customer. And, as a marketer, you are more concerned about the open rate rather than understanding why the message didn’t reach the …

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Improving customer communication using email intelligence

Once you come to about the exact requirements of the customer, all your email marketing campaigns will be a huge success. And, once the requirement of the customers is known, you don’t have to send emails to people who are never interested in the campaign, but are still a part of the emailing list. …

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The importance of email list hygiene

It is not easy to understand the importance of email verifier and other techniques for email hygiene. For the inexperienced marketer, it is common to think that having a long list of emails is all that matters, as it would mean more people would be reached. For an expert in email marketing, on the …

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3 ways of pruning cold subscribers from your email list

When it comes to an email list, quality always surpasses quantity. So, you can prune the cold subscribers who are not showing interest in your brand. Focus on list validation using email verifier to identify customers who are inactive or dormant for more than three months. There is no point getting …

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Invalid email addresses and the need of email validation

Have you ever wondered about how many email addresses you are acquiring every annually? Some of you might guess the number to be 1000 or 1000, it can be 100,000 as well. Have you ever thought about the money you waste on sending emails to invalid addresses? The figure can actually give you a shock. …

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