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Never use dollar signs in email marketing campaigns

02 October, 2020 | 2 Min Read

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People use our email marketing software because they want assurance that we’ll be able to deliver their emails to their customer’s inboxes. This continues to remain as our priority and we do boast in high email deliverability rates. But no matter how many optimisations, softwares and processes we run on our backend to ensure that your email gets through spam filters…it all comes down to how your email campaign is structured and its content.

From our experience in email monitoring…we can tell you that a lot of emails that get flagged by our system are the ones containing specific keywords like “Win”, “Drugs” and so on. Then there are these dollar symbols “$$$” which people seem to use often as sales pitch. Some customers use them as a textual design and others to literally explain their email campaign’s purpose. If you really want to use it for design purposes, We would definitely recommend converting it into an image. In this way, you can attribute an alt tag that isn’t about “$$$” symbols and get away with most anti-spam tools.

A good tip that we can provide out of our experience is…if you can avoid it…then its best to do so. You should almost never use these dollar signs in subject line especially because thousands of emails are blocked for this reason and most of them really are spam. The anti-spam tools are getting smarter by the day…so design your email campaign in the most safest way you can to avoid giving your audience any doubt. This doesn’t really apply to you if your subscribers know your company really well…which isn’t the case most of the time.

Better to be safe than sorry!

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