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Mobile email marketing the next big thing

16 March, 2020 | 2 Min Read

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With more than 1.08 billion Smartphone users across the world, mobile friendly emails are the next ladder for success in email marketing. Smartphones have made the life of many people simpler because a majority of people prefer using a mobile phone to check mails over the traditional desktop or laptop. Moreover, according to a study conducted by Litmus, more than 44% people read mails through mobile. The mobile usage penetration is great and indeed mobile friendly email is the next big thing today. The best tactics for mobile email marketing is given below.

1. Simple beats attractive

Many mobile users are hesitant to download pictures because of the restrictions on their mobile data usage. Additionally, graphics may not load, thereby hampering the purpose of the email. For a successful mobile email marketing, graphics should be avoided and the text should be simple and concise.

2. Responsive Layout

Responsive layout is an extremely important feature for a successful mobile email marketing. The screen size of no two Smartphones is the same, in such a scenario the same email may look different in different screen sizes. To avoid ambiguity responsive email layouts is a must.

Links usually get covered up or hide in the screen of the mobile phone due to its small screen size. Links if any, should be highlighted properly and they should be kept away from the main content. Different colors will highlight the links and will also avoid grouping and clustering of data.

4. Mail both text and HTML versions of the mail

Some mobile phones support only text emails, whereas some support both text and HTML version. In order to target, a large mobile customer base, it is best to send both versions, so that based on the device compatibility the user can read the mail without any glitches.

5. Social Media Touch

Social media platforms cannot be incorporated in a mobile email. Therefore, essentially links to the various such platforms can be given in the mail to spread the message or promotional activity to the un-tapped segment of the target market.

Catching the attention and keeping the mobile users engaged in the email is the sole purpose of mobile email marketing, which is all set to rock this digitized world.

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