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Mastering email marketing campaign

31 August, 2020 | 2 Min Read

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Email marketing gives you the advantage of reaching directly in the mailbox of the customers, and if you are disturbing the customers with some content, you need to send meaningful content to grip their attention. A plethora of companies takes email marketing for granted resulting in wasted communication and losing potential customers. A revamped attitude towards the email marketing campaign will help you reach out to the potential customers in no time. Mastering the campaign is essential for improving the CTR and the open rates.

Adhering to all the legislations set for sending emails to the customers is essential as it will determine whether the email reaches the inbox of the customer or is flagged spam. Therefore, before getting creative with the marketing campaign, ensure that the compliance rules are followed as per the requirement of the ESP you are using. Remember to keep the un-subscribe mechanism so that the email is legal. Additionally, you need to have permission to send emails to the recipient as it is a primary requisite by a majority of the ESPs. Sending messages to the customers without permission is an infringement of the laws and you will be liable to legal action.

Format the emails

Maintaining consistency and setting the appropriate formatting standard is essential as it will ensure that your brand is getting visibility across all the desired platforms once the emails are opened. Using tools to format the subject line and the body of the email will help you significantly increase the CTR and the open rate. Additionally, ensure the email is compatible with mobile devices and tablets because a majority of mails are viewed on mobile devices. Try to avoid image heavy emails as it takes a lot of time to load such mails. Such emails are often flagged spam by the customers.

Before sparking creativity, you need to win the legislative and technical battle to ensure the customers are acquired. Remember email marketing is not about simply sending random ideas to the customers, it is about delivering value.

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