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Landing page tips for your email marketing campaign

06 February, 2021 | 5 Min Read

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Landing pages are pages that are specifically tailored to convince your customers of buying your product/service. Its used in conjunction with your PPC campaigns, banner advertising, email campaigns, social media pages and others. So how should you prepare these landing pages.

Here are some guidelines on what you should be doing…

1. One Page per Source

You have to create a unique landing page for each specific campaign you are running. In other words, each traffic source must each have a unique landing page. This helps you understand and analyse your landing pages in a much better manner. It tells you regarding the visual appeals, tonal settings and content factors. These statistics help us improve and target on which campaigns with which landing pages had performed the best.

2. A/B Testing

You must always remember this…your page can always be improved. One way to test which improvements you have made actually performed good is to have them run through A/B testing. Our email marketing software helps you do just this in your email campaigns. You can make two versions of your email campaign, put them through A/B testing and see which one received more clicks and opens. Test your email design and content to let it evolve over time.

3. AD Message Match

When you see an ad on Google, you click on it because it appeals to you. The title and the description seems to match what you are looking for. If you change this title or description completely in your landing page, you are basically throwing away money. You must make sure that your visitors get what they have clicked on. If its about email marketing software, don’t talk about email campaigns even if the subject seems very close.

4. Context of Use

When you are referring to something specific in your campaigns, you must attach relevant video/photo to add that extra flare. Just as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Not only does it help you reduce down your word count to an absolute minimum but also emphasizes your text and helps readers understand your content faster. Its like forgetting to add oil while frying chicken…it get sticky and you dont want that.

5. Video = Conversions

Its a proven fact that videos tend to increase your conversion rate. There is something about visually understanding what your software/service is about that appeals to visitors. You have to understand they are busy people too and they have very little or no time to find what they are looking for. If you can’t deliver within their timeframe…you pretty much lost them.

6. Directional Cues

Use bright colors, simple navigation and contrast in text/pictures to grab your visitor’s attention. Web 2.0 websites seem to present very simple image of themselves unlike traitional eye catch flash flare. These sites are the very ones that users are more likely to signup for. At the end of the day, you should make sure you guide your visitors to the primary call to action (CTA) on your page.

7. Data vs. Conversion

Long forms & personal questions which you don’t really need are a simple waste of time and the best way to loose traffic. If you are asking a visitor about their home address, phone number, or fax number for a simple demo of your software, you are loosing money. Time is of an essence and so is relevance. There must be a balance between need for data and the time factor.

8. Edit Ruthlessly

Reading is an effort and turns people away. Delete 50% of your page copy and then remove half of what’s left. You will be almost their at the optimal content level. Explain just enough to make your customers doubtless because if they are in doubt, they wont signup no matter how much information you throw at them or how credible your business looks on the outside.

9. Enable Social Sharing

Social media is huge in this day and age. You want to tap into this traffic source as you can gain not only potential customers but awareness of your product/service. There should always be a mechanism to allow your visitors to share the content they like to their friends and family.

10. Trust and Social Proof

Show live social streams and testimonials to increase conversion rate as generally speaking, your visitors tend to believe that you are a trustworthy and likable. There are thousands of companies out there that compete by offering similar products and services as you. To stand out, the first thing you must gain is confidence from your visitors. The best way to gain this confidence is through testimonials and word from other users who are your current/past users.

11. One page – One Purpose

The pricipal of congruence states that each element of your page should support a single focused objective. If you are talking about a lot of things that the visitor is not really looking for, it would just turn them away. Instead target specific needs of your visitors and create landing pages accordingly. This will really boost your conversion rate.

12. Post-Conversion Marketing

Now that you’ve followed our advice and got some conversions from your landing page…its time to concentrate on post-converstion marketing. Leverage confirmation pages to further engage your new customers with free downloads, important next-step links and options to follow you in other media channels.

Hope these have been helpful and we wish you great success in sending your email campaigns through.

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