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Improving customer communication using email intelligence

Published on by Priya Jain

The more you know your customers the better you will be able to cater and engage the customers. Relevant content, to the point marketing campaign and offers are three ways to increase the response rate and increase the open rate. However, the throttling trouble is knowing the customers well and in-depth. Once you come to about the exact requirements of the customer, all your email marketing campaigns will be a huge success. And, once the requirement of the customers is known, you don’t have to send emails to people who are never interested in the campaign, but are still a part of the emailing list. Such customers are effectively removed using an email verifier and other email address validation software.

1. Focus on personalization and segmentation

Segment the customers based on their preferences, demographics and age group. This way you can create customized newsletters for each segment created. Therefore, give a better feel to the customers by sending personalized emails instead of sending a general email to customers. Use the purchase data and the read the purchasing behavior of the customers to better understand what they like and what is hated by your loyal customers. Personalization is a lethal tool when it comes to improving customer communication.

2. Try to grab alternate ways to acquire email addresses

Acquiring an email address is a good way provided you have not purchased a list from an untrusted third party company. Leverage the effectiveness of social media to get hold of customers who are genuinely interested in the marketing campaign and the products that you are offering. Discover new channels to reach out to the large chunk of your targeted audience. This way you will always stay connected to people who will become loyal to you forever.

 3. Remove inactive customers

Inactive customers are a pain for the whole marketing because they not only deteriorate the moral of the campaign, but also reduces the other important parameters related to the email marketing campaign. Using verify email and email address verification will surely help you out of this misery and you can remain in touch with genuine and faithful customers.

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