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How yoga classes can benefit from email marketing

Published on by Priya Jain

With the fast pacing world, every day of life is hectic and tortuous. And, yoga is one thing, which can bring inner peace in a person’s life. Yoga classes are an essential for everyone who is stressed out and promoting the yoga classes through email marketing is one of the leading ways to increase the clientele base.

How email marketing can work for yoga classes?

Through email marketing, you can send the customer the umpteen benefits of Yoga. Customers who are health conscious and want to de-stress themselves will be willing to join the classes. Initially, you can target customers working with MNC’s or software professionals, because the software industry is regarded of having a hectic work schedule. If your Yoga classes can de-stress these professionals, you can easily connect with a number of customers. Success stories of such professionals can be sent in the form of a column in the newsletter you are sending the prospective customers. You can even shoot a small video of any yoga class conducted by you and send it to your email list. It will also increase your click rates because more than content, pictures and videos are liked by customers. You will be connecting with the customers in a real way. And, in due course of time you will see a surge in your physical classes as well. To attract customers further you can provide discounts on the membership for everyone who subscribes to your email newsletter. This will assist you build a list of authentic email addresses.

How to engage customers?

The first rule of customer engagement is, never sending too many promotional emails to the customer. It is essential because a frustrated customer will never be engaged in a way any business wants it. Provide links and action words in every email you send, this will increase the engagement. You can provide links of some useful and important articles or blogs on Yoga. Caring for the customer and giving something extra is going to work wonders for your classes.

Try email marketing today, if you wish to increase the client base of your Yoga classes.

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