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How TV shows can benefit from email marketing

17 May, 2020 | 2 Min Read

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Entertainment in life is a necessity of life and it relaxes a tired mind who comes back from a hectic day at the office or school. TV shows are loved by people who stay at home or work from home. A tired body and mind likes anything which can calm the mind. And, if you have the marketing rights of a show, you can effectively promote it using email marketing. Email marketing is the form of marketing, which can cater to a large audience and reach at places where other forms of marketing have failed to reach.

The following tips will help you increase the show rating and ensure it becomes a famous name in every household.

1. Hold Email Contest

Email contest involving what happened in the show that was recently hosted will help you grab the attention of the audience and ensure that the engagement is maintained and show always remains a hit and receives the maximum audience view and ratings from the critics. You can send the quiz questions or the links to the email addresses of the audience and give away prizes to the first 10 lucky winners. The winners can be announced by the lead role of the show at the end of every episode. Email contest will help you reach to the friends of the customers because of word of mouth publicity. Organize the contest at least once in two months so that customers keep watching and remain loyal with the TV show.

2. Something new

You can even organize a contest for people in different job profiles to attract every possible customer in the region and in the city. For example, for all the bloggers out there, you can organize a blogging contest wherein they have to write about your show on their respective blogs and after a public vote via the email the winner can be declared and can be awarded handsomely. This way the blogger will get exposure to a large audience and you can benefit from the writing skills of the blogger. Similar, contest can be organized for different people to gain attention.

Email is getting is bigger every passing day. Utilize the benefits before it is too late.

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