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Encourage word of mouth publicity through email marketing

28 May, 2020 | 2 Min Read

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Today, a plethora of marketing channels is available, but a majority of the business promotion lies in the hands of the customers. Even in the advanced era, word of mouth publicity works wonders and is far more effective than any other marketing channel. However, rarely a business implements a word of mouth campaign to build long term relationship with the new customers. You can effectively use the dynamic power of email marketing to encourage such campaigns. The email platform will give you the desired vision and reach. Here is how you can leverage the power of two different styles of marketing through one platform.

1. Initiate a conversation

Instead of only showcasing the products and services you offer through email, you can use it as a platform to initiate an intelligent conversation with the customers. Through email the customers can share their experience, views and give feedbacks about their tenure with your business. You can also embed hastags in the mail making the conversation float easily between the email platform and the social media. Additionally, monitoring what the customers are talking about the company becomes easier.

2. Reward people who refer their friends

Until or unless a post is really interesting, people hardly share it on social media or forward it to their friends via an email. However, if an incentive is attached for every customer who refer the post to their friends, it might just work for your business. Certain people require an extra push, so reward such customers and gain their word of mouth publicity. Therefore, organizing a referral campaign wherein every customer who introduces a new customer to the business should be rewarded. The reward can be anything ranging from money to discounts.

3. Keep the customers updated

Updating the customer regularly on the new products introduced in your kitty is extremely essential because if something really cool comes up, only then the customer can tell about it to their friends and family members. Word of publicity will work only when customers have real knowledge. Fake knowledge will only lead to degradation of the brand value and you will lose out on potential customers.

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