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How summer camps can benefit from email marketing

25 September, 2020 | 2 Min Read

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Summer camps rejuvenate and bring in a lot of fresh energy not only in the minds of the children, but also their parents. These camps are anxiously awaited by the children because they bond with new people and it comes as a relief for the parents as the child would be engaged in learning useful things rather than whiling away the time. As a summer camp organizer, your Herculean task lies in effectively marketing the camp to the target audience. Therefore, using email marketing to spread a word regarding the summer camp is the leading option available.

1. Send Regular Mails

Parents today are extremely cautious about sending their children to a summer camp. A plethora of the parents prefers to enroll the child in a summer camp, which they have heard of. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to send regular emails telling about the offerings of the summer camp. Sending weekly or monthly newsletter will register your camp in the minds of the parents.

2. Email Contest

Hosting a couple of email contest before the summer camp begins is another great way to entice the customers towards your camp. As prizes you can give away discounts on the membership or free giveaways when the child join the summer camp. Such, contest are sure to register your summer camp in the minds of the customer. You can even offer free photos to the winning child and send it across as a postcard to the parents who can later forward it to their friends and family members.

3. Send Newsletters

Send newsletters that portray the offerings of the summer camp. This again is essential because it will convince the parents about the benefits the child will gain from the summer camp. Remember to mention activity pictures of students who have previously enrolled in your camp. And, through the pictures, let the camp speak for itself. Until and unless parents are satisfied, the child will never enroll in your summer camp.

Apart, from the above-mentioned strategies, you can even encourage interaction between the camp staff and the parents.

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