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How stationery stores can benefit from email marketing?

Published on by Priya Jain

With all-purpose stores like Walmart and Target, the stationery stores have gone for a toss. And, a majority of stationery stores is struggling to keep their business afloat. When everything is available under one air-conditioned store, why will a customer go to an exclusive stationery shop? The answer to this question is by applying a right mix of marketing strategies, which includes high dependence on email marketing, will assist your store come out of their misery.

What to do?

Stationery items are used by everyone who is a technology maverick, therefore, you do not have to struggle to sort your email list. Without hesitation, you can send the email newsletter to the potential customers living nearby the store. Send attractive email discounts, wherein customers who come to buy stationery products and has the email newsletter is given an assured gift or discount. It will create a sense of inquisitiveness wherein people will come and buy to get an assured gift. And, once customers start coming to your store, there will be no looking back. You can also send a newsletter with photographs of the latest or unique stationary you have to offer. Offer special discounts for birthday kids and attract their parents to buy pens, pencil, notebook or eraser from your store. Additionally, try to keep a track of the offers given at all-purpose stores. Knowing about the competitors is one of the key aspect of a marketing campaign. In order to keep the customers interested and connect send important and interesting facts and tips related to stationery. Emotional connect with the audience is extremely important.

Why avoid other marketing tools?

How many times have you seen advertisements about stationery products in the newspaper or on television? How many flyers have you received from stores asking you buy stationery from a particular store? The answer to these questions clearly tells us why no other marketing tool is effective in this business line. Moreover, email marketing offers magnificent results at an affordable cost whereas advertisements in newspapers or television can easily dig a hole in your pocket.

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