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How local stores can benefit from email validation

30 December, 2020 | 2 Min Read

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One of the most compelling reasons to use email marketing as a major marketing platform is the return on investment. The statistics supporting the claim is enough for any marketer to use email marketing for their marketing communication with the prospects. But, does email really helps the local store that has no hopes of going global in the coming future. The answer to the question is simple because email does not differentiate between a local and a global store. Local stores can reap the maximum benefit if email verifier is used on a regular basis. The combination of email marketing and email validation will not help in improving the sales, but ensure you do not trigger messages to malicious addresses.

Drives online and in-store sale

More than 65% of the consumers agreed to that fact, grocery shopping is cheap with email coupons, which they received for their loyalty to the local store. E-coupons are a big business even for a local store and email marketing is the heart of it.  Consumers are always looking to save money, either by hook or by crook and if you send email coupons for shopping in the brick and mortar store, you will be able to increase your revenue and build long term relationship. However, before sending coupons to the marketing list, clean the list using email address validation to remove all the unwanted, erroneous and dormant email addresses. Sending messages to such customers will reduce the deliverability and adversely affect the sender’s reputation.

Reduces the spam complaints

Today, the ISPs are strictly adhering to the CAN-SPAM law to prevent the spamming of the inbox. And, if these guidelines are overruled, you will face severe repercussions and your marketing efforts will be doomed in no time. Therefore, before sending emails to the prospects clean the mailing list and ensure customers have willingly agreed to receive information from your end. Send relevant and meaningful content to the target audience.

Email validation along with email marketing is a vital tool in determining the success rate of your marketing campaign.

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