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How local electronic stores can benefit from email marketing

Published on by Priya Jain

Limited exposure and the dominance of authorized dealers or company outlets are some of the common reasons for a local electronic store not performing well. The local electronic store owners in order to thrive in the market, opt for marketing tactics that are extremely costly and totally ineffective. What they need is a platform from which they can showcase their offerings and set them apart from the big fishes living in the ocean. Email marketing is the platform, which can take their business to the next level and create their distinctive identity in the nearby areas.

Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the best choice for electronic store owners because through the newsletter, they can easily showcase their offerings in the store and attract customers by giving discounts. As a store owner, you can send out a newsletter telling the people that your store is offering a 10% discount on all electronic equipment to the customers who are subscribed to the newsletter. This way more and more people will come and subscribe because discounts do not pinch anyone. Additionally, email marketing is the cheapest way to market the product and send across the message to hundreds of people within a fraction of a second. It is cheap, reliable and generates a lot of high quality leads. And, with a plethora of email marketing software available in the market, it is easier to connect with the target audience.

How to instigate customers to buy?

The question here is ‘Why should customers choose your local store over company outlets?’ The answer is simple, show the customers you have an edge over the counter parts. As soon as a product comes to your store, tell the customers you have it by dropping an email. In addition to this, you can give small gifts such as headsets or pendrives to customers who buy from your shop. Such gratification will not be given by company showrooms and customers will surely come to buy your products. Hoist lucky draw competitions once a year and spread the word using an email newsletter.

The special recipe of achieving success with email marketing is sending relevant and interesting emails to the customer.

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