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How local candies shop benefits from email marketing

23 June, 2020 | 2 Min Read

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Sometimes mouth-watering candies and authentically blended regional flavored candies get lost somewhere because of the dominance of large corporates in this field. And, because of this reason a number of local candy companies go unnoticed even without the customers coming to know about them. To increase the presence of the local brand locally, email marketing is the leading tool. With the use of email marketing, a local candy shop can easily attract customers.

How to do it?

The major hurdle in the process is acquiring the email addresses of local and other potential customers. The task can be simplified by hiring a local email marketing service provider who has a database of email addresses of the potential clients. This way you can easily connect with the local customers and entice them to buy candies from your shop. You can send email newsletter once a week portraying the pictures of the new entrants of candies in your store. Once in six months offer discounts and send the discount voucher via an email. This method is extremely cost-effective because other traditional methods such as newspaper or flyers are costly and you are going environment friendly by not using paper to send your message across. And, with the world wanting people to reduce paper consumption, you have indirectly connected emotionally with the customers.

What to do?

Undoubtedly candies are loved by everyone, but if you give special emphasis to children, your business is going to grow manifold. Send pictures and images of candies which are in the shape of any Disney Land character to entice the children. However, keep in mind that, your focus audience are the children, but your target group still remains parents. Therefore, only if the parents are enticed, the child can actually come to your candy shop regularly. Offer birthday surprises for children and send this information in one of the email newsletter. This way parents who hardly visited your candy shop will readily come to collect the surprise of their child.

The scope and range of email marketing is vast and it is completely dependent on how well you leverage the benefits.

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