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How local bakeries can benefit from email marketing

04 May, 2020 | 2 Min Read

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Local bakery shops are often overlooked and underestimated by locals who usually prefer to buy pastries and cupcakes from a well-established franchise. However, with the strength of email marketing, local bakeries can make their presence felt online, which can drive the local customers to the website easily. Additionally, with the newspaper charging an unreasonable price to deliver the message of local shops, email marketing comes in handy as it is an easy and cost-effective option.

Stay in touch with customers

With email marketing, you can always stay on your toes and stay connected with the customers. Picture and details about different offers can easily be sent to the customers. And, this method is highly successful because with the world going digital, it becomes easier to tell the customers about the new offerings. Additionally, the picture of the bakery item that are sent via an email are of high quality when compared to the pictures published in newspapers and flyers. It gives the bakery an edge because what attracts visually sell rapidly.

Email newsletter are the backbone

Sending boring and unattractive newsletter is not what is actually required. Make the newsletter creative by sending monthly winners to the localities. This will have an extremely rippling effect because people’s whose neighbors photograph will appear, will buy more products so that they can become the face of the newsletter next week. This will not only buy things from your bakery, but share the email letter with friends and families to show them their picture in the newsletter. Through this word of mouth publicity, the local bakery can easily get customers outside their locality and they can tap and easily grow their business is such areas.

Connect emotionally

You can easily emotionally connect with the customers by telling them that you have switched on to email because you want to help the environment by going green and not using the flyers to deliver the message. The going green will leave a lasting impression and you can connect with nature lovers as well.

With the email marketing, bakery owners can bring together the passionate food lovers and grow their business.

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