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How libraries can benefit from email marketing

21 July, 2020 | 2 Min Read

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Summer vacations or Christmas holidays are the times when the naughty kids stay back at home and create trouble in their neighborhood. And, the library is probably the best place through which they can spend their time fruitfully and enjoy the joy of reading. Libraries are temples of knowledge where the people of age group can gain and enhance knowledge. But, with the increasing popularity of e-books, libraries are gradually losing the value. Email marketing can ease the task of a library, whether online or the traditional library.

How to do it?

Through the email marketing, you can send latest kid activities happening in the library. Along with this, you can send the latest books that your library receives to rope in customers. You can send them personalized messages based on the books they have previously hired from your library. Customized emails from any service provider is always considered as one of the leading tactics in the email marketing world. You can even give discounts to people who hire more than 4 books at a time. This will increase your sales and enhance the customer base. Providing home-delivery for lending and returning of books is another great way to entice the customers. Home-delivery is a rising trend in every sector because of its immense success. You can leverage the benefits and stand out of the crowd. Give membership discounts to customers who subscribe to your newsletter. For such a customer gratification in terms of waiving off the late fine and issuing books on priority can serve as a desirable gratification.

What not to do?

Your library might be receiving Bestsellers every now and then, however, never commit the mistake of shooting the mail as soon as the books are received. Plethora of emails from a library is only welcomed by bookworms. Therefore, ensure you send the list of booksellers only when you have a considerable number of collections. Wasting or spamming the mailbox of the customers is going to prove deadly in the long-run.

Email marketing has huge potentials for a library and with some efforts the desired goal of giving tough competition to online books is feasible.

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