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How email marketing can help local coffee companies

13 May, 2020 | 2 Min Read

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Local coffee shops often bring in the local flavor and the gourmet, which commercial coffee companies fail to incorporate. The variety of a coffee flavors a local company can provide is unsurpassable by a commercial coffee companies because the flavors are authentic and customer made to fit the taste of the localities. But, these companies face a fierce competition from cafes and commercialized shops, which in the past have changed the way people drink coffee. Email marketing is one tool, which can change the future of any local coffee company.

How to utilize email marketing

With email marketing, the coffee companies can stay in touch with the customers and brew them over with their authentic flavors. Pictures of roasted coffee beans and fresh coffee beans can be shared with the customers through an email newsletter. To the customers who sign-up for the newsletter, you can provide them an opportunity to work in your coffee shop for one day to witness how the whole process works. This will attract a lot of customers as those interested in knowing the process will surely subscribe to the newsletter.

How to attract customers

The local coffee shops can easily send their Facebook links in the newsletter to increase their online presence and enhance their online orders. Apart from that, they can hoist contest asking coffee lovers to experiment with their favorite flavor and come out with an innovative and interesting coffee flavor. The best flavor can be acknowledged as the coffee maker of the month and their photos can be shared on email and Facebook. Through email marketing the company can easily attract clients to other digital platforms and strengthen their brand image.

Newsletter is a must

Sending interesting and creative newsletter, which gives the customers a plethora of information about coffee, which they are not aware of will enhance user engagement and attract new clients. With the email marketing the coffee companies can use their superb roasting capabilities to stand out of the league and build their brand to give a tough competition to cafes and commercial coffee brewing companies.

Therefore, if you are a coffee company, consider an email marketing campaign as an important tool to increase your brand awareness.

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