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How content marketing and email validation are interlinked?

Published on by Priya Jain

Content Marketing since long has been helping plethora of marketers connect effectively with the customers. But, there a still a lot of email marketers who are yet to engage the customers with content marketing. Email validation and content marketing are linked because if the content is good, the need for email address validation will be minimal as customers will prefer reading the emails instead of marking mail as spam. There exists a potential symbolic relationship between the two and you can leverage the effectiveness of both to create a successful campaign.

1. Good content always works

Today, the customers are interested in the offerings of a brand irrespective of the marketing channel. Usually brands are offer driven, but some brands are even user experienced, whereas some others are engagement driven. According to reports, more than 60% of the customers have a positive perception about a brand or company, if the content is good and relevant. And, such customers are more likely to make a purchase and become loyal customers. If you are not focusing on the content, you are actually going to give customers a chance to mark the email newsletter as spam. In short, your blogs, landing pages and email newsletters should be primarily focused on delivering a full experience to the customer, so  that the newsletter not only lands in the inbox of the customer, but the message reaches the heart of the customers.

2. You need customers

Every business thrives on the number of customers and the revenue is dependent upon the number of successful customer acquisition. A search conducted revealed that more than 92% of the companies of which blogged regularly were able to acquire customers at a much faster rate than those who did not blog. Additionally, it creates a sense of trust among the customer because blogging on a regular basis gives an indication of the brand being serious about their offering. When the content is good and customers are being acquired, spam rates and deliverability issues will reduce drastically. Still to be on a safer side, you can use validate email and clean the list regularly.

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