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How can colors boost your email engagement

02 April, 2020 | 3 Min Read

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Color is one email marketing tactic, which creates a positive brand experience. And, with customers deciding within 0.05 seconds, marketers need to use the time-period wisely. Today, with growing competition in the market, marketers find it hard to win the trust of the subscribers. But, by using the right color combination, the eye scans path is diverted towards the bright colored CTA. This is how important design and more importantly, how colors play a crucial role in enhancing the email engagement. However, as a marketer, you don’t have the license to slap any color combination to the customers. Colors have different psychology, and every color speaks for itself. For example, the color intrigues hunger because of which it is used by food brands such as Coca-Cola and Mc Donald. Colors can efficiently reflect your brand’s goals and motives to the target audience. Here are a few reasons why using the right colors is crucial for your e newsletter service.

1. Cultural association

When sending messages to the global audience, it becomes imperative to remember that colors have different meanings across the globe. For example, white is the symbol of bridal occasion and peace in western countries, but in India, it’s the color of death and mourning. Furthermore, women can distinguish pale green from aqua green whereas for men all shades of green are green. Therefore, based on the demographics of the target audience, choose the appropriate color in the marketing messages and win the trust of the readers. The cultural association is a critical factor, especially for large businesses looking to make a global impact. Furthermore, before choosing a color for the marketing message, understand the psychology of the color before randomly using it.

2. Colors for every season

Believe it or not! Colors can speak a lot about your brand and its strategy. And, each season is associated with a different color. Marketers prefer bright colors such as yellow, red, orange and green in the summers because of the sunny and bright days. Blue, brown and white are the monsoon colors, and you can use them in the marketing communication during the season. Based on your niche and the season you’re sending the messages, choose the right color for your e newsletter service.

3. Color for every occasion

Consistent branding guidelines evoke visual simulation and evoke the different moods of the customers. The human brain is coded to respond in a particular manner to various colors. For example, red symbolized passion, excitement, and energy. Yellow depicts playfulness and cheerfulness. Blue is the color of freedom, imagination, and inspiration. Orange is for encouragement, simulation, and determination. Green symbolizes wealth, freshness and nature. Black, on the other hand, is symbolic of power, strength, and sophistication. Based on the tone and voice of your brand, choose the right color for your email strategy.

4. Colors for retention power

Usually, a picture is worth thousands of words, but a colorful picture is probably worth millions of words. Using a uniform color helps to boost the memory and improves the retention power of the customers. When used aptly in the e newsletter service, colors hold a deeper meaning than just creating a visual appeal.

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