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Grow your flower business with email marketing

25 August, 2020 | 2 Min Read

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With the advent of sky-rocking shopping malls, a local flower shop faces a tough market. The local shops do not get business because no one knows about their existence. The florists in the shopping malls have a strategic advantage of location and ease of access. A customer will surely not spent $10 on fuel in search of a florist to buy a bouquet or flower worth less than $2. The florist without spending much on advertising or sending flyer can build a loyal base of customers through email marketing. With email marketing, the flower business will not only blossom, but flourish as well. The following email marketing ideas will help you grow your business.

1. Send invitations for free informational classes

There is no better way than sending email invitations to people for the free informational classes you will be hoisting. Through the classes you can portray your offerings to the customer and alongside teaching them to make centerpieces using the flower or telling ways to plan their garden and tricks to keep the flower from withering for a long time. You can organize such classes once in every three months to build a customer base. You can urge people to bring in their friends and take their email addresses to build an authentic customer list.

2. Showcasing the offerings

Showcase the beautiful, fragrant flowers in your shop with through an email newsletter. Send out pictures of different variety of flowers and bouquets you offer to the customers. Tell the customers that your shop is one stop destination to all their flower needs. You basically render flowers for every occasion from Valentine’s Day to a mourning day. If you cater flowers for marriage or other event, mention it clearly in the newsletter.

3. Early Bird Discount

Early bird discounts often come in handy to entice new customers and build a loyal fan base. The discounts should be offered to customers who have received an email from your company. It will ensure that only loyal customers avail the offer.

Leverage the effectiveness of email marketing and grow your business tremendously.

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