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Free email validation API

06 August, 2020 | 2 Min Read

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A number of customers have requested free email validation API credits. At first, we thought it was a great idea until we saw some abusers. They always spoil the game. Anyway, we just weren’t going to invest our time to stop these abusers and instead focus on making our email validation software better. So we stopped offering free API credits altogether until now.

So what’s changed?

We weren’t willing to invest our time and efforts into stopping abusers but a company that goes by the name “MashApe” did just that. They invested heavily on their infrastructure that allows them to securely connect to our systems and deliver an outstanding service. We pretty much pushed all the abuse management side of things to them.

So simply head to our API, sign up for a MashApe account and start using our real-time email validation API. You will get 100 API credits every month. If you love it, you can even subscribe to a plan that allows you to transact larger quantities of API requests right from MashApe control panel.

We also have a dedicated API developers section where you will find all useful resources on how it all works. If you’re stuck somewhere, just head to our API support site. We also have email verifier sample code for almost every popular programming language out there. If you can’t find a code that matches your requirement, then hit us up and we will connect you to our developers to help you use our API more efficiently.

Enjoy verifying your email lists programmatically.

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