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Email marketing and perfume companies

07 August, 2020 | 2 Min Read

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Today, from companies to celebrities, everyone is busy developing their own signature perfumes. And, striving in such a market amidst such competitors is difficult because customers do not think twice when their favorite celebrity is endorsing or selling their signature perfume. Marketing the product aggressively is the leading option to stay at par with the competitors and attract potential customers to try your perfume. And, email marketing is the best platform available. At a low cost, you will be able to achieve a higher deliverability rate.

Initial Research

Conducting an initial survey on the kinds of perfume loved by people will help you launch or sell your signature perfume at a much better rate. The survey can be conducted via an email and customers who answer the questionnaire can be sent a discount coupon the next time they make a perfume purchase. You need to remember that the perfume industry is a high end market and not every individual is interested in buying a perfume due to various reasons. Therefore, carrying out an initial research will help you understand the mindset and taste of the potential customers. Initial research will give your email marketing campaign, the desired start.

Discounts and coupons

Sending discounts and coupon codes to loyal and potential customer will help you build a large user base. Perfumes are costly and even a minimal amount of discount will attract the customers. Send the coupon code to the customers via an email. However, remember never to send too many coupon codes in a week as it will give an indication that the sales of the perfume is low and you are simply trying to sell your stock the customers. Send the codes once a month such that customers waits for your offer.

Share useful information

Sharing information about the different types of perfume, the ingredients they are made from and their origin will engage customers. Perfumes have a legendary history and customers will surely be interested in reading it. Therefore, avoid sending only sales-oriented newsletters to the prospects.

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